How to play

Create Competition
Choose from the Carousel
A) After signing up to the app join competitions you are interested in playing.(Note: that different territories have access to different sports and competitions)
B) Competitions you have signed up for appear in the ‘My competitions’ area. Here you can get a summary of your
performance also. Tap these game module to predict on the latest round.
Competition Overview
Here you learn all about the competition and prizes available along with the ability to join the game.
C) Overview: Competition description outlines the games, timeframe and rules.
Competition (Cont)
D) Prizes: View prizes takes you through to view all prizes on offer. Most competitions has a main prizes and a series of smaller prizes.
Competition Overview (Cont)
E) Competition Leaders: Here you can see the leaders of the competition and select to view their profiles in more detail.
F) Leaderboard + Rules:
G) The green button to Join the competition is always docked above the bottom menu. Select to join and if required purchases tickets to play.
Predict on games
Matches Feed
The Home button in the main menu is where you will find all the current matches available for prediction.
H) The competitions thumb nav allows you swipe through the various competitions you have signed up for.
I) The match module shows who is playing and when and provides the ability to predict on the match as well as check out previous meeting statistics and chat with other SportsHero members about that specific match.
Which Team will win?
This is the first screen of 3 questions for predicting on a match.
J) Select the which team you think will win or select a draw.
K) Points available for each correct answer sits below each selection button.
2nd and 3rd Questions
L) 2 more contextual questions are asked. Use the ‘Yes / No’ toggle button to make a selection. Points available for a correct answer are shown below each selection option.
Prediction Summary
The prediction summary screen displays the answers to the 3 questions.
M) If happy with the selection press ‘CONFIRM’ to continue and lock in your selection. Press ‘CANCEL’ to clear your selection and start again on question 1.
Leaderboards + Scoring
All Stars Tab
N) The All Stars Leaderboard highlights the best performing players across competitions each month or overall. Users can select a Hero and view their profiles to learn more about them.
Leaderboards Dropdown Tab
O) This dropdown menu allows the users to view the leaderboard of any competitions running within SportsHero in their region.
P) Filters can be adjusted to sort the leaderboards by % Percentage Gain per prediction, Open Predictions and Active Users.
Prizes + eStore
SportsHero offers a unique selection of great prizes, many of which are money can’t buy experiences like tickets to games, signed jerseys and merchandise.
Q) Save up your SportsHero coins through winning games and redeem them for prizes within the eStore.
R) Press on a prize to view the product in more detail. On confirming a valid prize you will be taken to the Order Summary page where you can adding shipping information.
My Profile
Which Team will win?
Here a user can access key information related to their account including their game performance history, wallet, address book and settings.
Order History: See what previous transactions completed through the app.
My Wallet: Purchase tickets to play in batches.
Address Book: Set up your delivery details.
Settings: Manage your account, notifications and general settings as well as linked accounts or third party apps.
Side Menu
The side menu is activated from the contextual ‘hamburger’ menu in the top left of the screen. From here you can quickly access which sport to play, buy tickets and manage your account and settings.

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